The Minotau

Helium Gateway

Building the world’s largest decentralised wireless network.
Discover our hotspot and become a part of this exciting journey.

Inside Minotau

Key features powering our hotspot.

Helium LongFi

Designed for Helium LongFi, a technology that builds wireless networks through the power of blockchain.

Plug & Play

Deploy as easy as 1-2-3. Focus on building the network with automated software updates requiring zero maintenance.

Quad Core Processor

A powerful yet discreet computing platform enabling the technologies behind the Helium network.

Low Power

Powering a robust LoRaWan network with less electricity than a light bulb.

Building the

People's Network.

The Minotau Hotspot provides miles of coverage for LoRaWan-powered devices using Helium LongFi.

Connect IoT devices at scale and deliver solutions at a fraction of the cost of cellular networks.


We are not currently accepting orders. We will be selling the device from stock once it is approved for the Helium network.

We are currently in the process of becoming an approved Helium hotspot manufacturer. 

Joining the queue allows you to reserve a place in our orders list. This list will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis when we are approved to offer our hotspots.

We’re aiming to price the device at £499, including VAT.

We do not currently plan to cover customs fees that might be charged by countries.

The Minotau will ship from our EU-based warehouse.

The device is supported in Europe and the UK only.

The Minotau Hotspot comes with an indoor 3dBi antenna. We’d advise upgrading to an outdoor setup where possible to maximise the potential of your hotspot.

Devices will be limited to one per person.

The Minotau Hotspot operates under legal radio frequencies and power in Europe and the UK.

The Minotau Hotspot is controlled via the Helium iOS/Android app. A web dashboard will also be implemented before the device is ready to be sold.

Our web store accepts credit cards.

Orders can be cancelled and refunded in full anytime before shipping. Once a device is opened and linked to a wallet, it is no longer eligible for a return due to the nature of our products permanently attaching to owners’ wallets.

The Minotau Hotspot comes with a 1-year manufactural warranty.


HIP19 Application Submitted

We have submitted our HIP19 application. The process for our approval and integration is now in motion.

Regulatory Certifications Pending

The Minotau Hotspot is awaiting regulatory certification.

Expected February 2022.

Hardware Audit Pending

The Minotau is awaiting to be audited by DeWi for the Helium network.

Expected February 2022.

MOC Approval Vote Pending

Once the Minotau passes the necessary regulatory certifications and the hardware audit, the DeWi Manufacturing Oversight Committee will vote to approve us.

Expected March 2022.

Orders Open

Minotau will open orders for in-stock hotspots following our approval and network integration.

Expected March 2022.