Frequently Asked Questions


We are currently in the process of becoming an approved Helium hotspot manufacturer. Join our waitlist to be updated with our progress.

The device is supported in Europe and the UK only.

The Minotau Hotspot comes with an indoor 3dBi antenna. We’d advise upgrading to an outdoor setup where possible to maximise the potential of your hotspot.

The Minotau Hotspot operates under the legal radio frequencies and power in Europe and the UK.

The Minotau Hotspot is controlled via the Helium iOS/Android app. A web dashboard will also be implemented before the device is ready to be sold.


We are not currently accepting orders. We will be selling the device from stock once it is approved for the Helium network.

Joining the queue allows you to reserve a place in our orders list. This list will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis when we are approved to offer our hotspots.

We’re aiming to price the device at £499 including VAT.

Devices will be limited to one per person.

Our web store accepts credit cards.

We accept cancellation requests and issue full refunds anytime before shipping. Once a device is opened and linked to a wallet, it is no longer eligible for a return.


We do not currently plan to cover customs fees that might be charged by your country.

We ship via express courier services – DHL, Fedex or UPS.

The Minotau will ship from our EU-based warehouse.


The Minotau Hotspot comes with a 1-year manufactural warranty. This covers any fault that is not a result of accidental or user damage.

You can contact our customer support team by emailing [email protected].

Reserve a hotspot.

Fill out the form below to reserve a place in the queue. We will keep you updated with our Helium approval process.

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